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TINFF Creative  Media Arts Space

Media Arts Creative Hubs

About Us


The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival is more than a film festival where movies are screened every year, and includes other creative programs such as the (TINFF Media Arts), a subsection of the festival dedicated to including people in the creative Media Arts sector. As a member-driven non-profit organization, TINFF Media Arts is dedicated to advance and strengthen the Black media arts community in Canada.


Every year, TINFF provides a platform where local artists can showcase their Artwork, Musical Artist perform before a wide audience, Dance groups, Theater Art, creative designers, and other Media Arts are brought to life before a large audience both local and international.


At TINFF we believe so much in diversity and inclusion which is why we emphasized on the need to make our platform readily available to minority group such as: Black, Indigenous, People(s) of Colour (BIPOC) by providing training, workshops, mentorship and promoting their creative works to a wide audience across Canada and beyond.  


TINFF is not only about promoting Filmmaking or Screenwriting, TINFF has its Media Arts section split into different Creative HUBs and they are: The TINFF Creative Hub, TINFF Artist Hub, TINFF Fashion Hub, TINFF Talent Hub, that focuses on creativeness that includes drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, Filmmaking, photography, and music, video, audio, and distribution, and exhibition organization and new media production, among others supporting  Black and independent media artists and cultural workers in Canada.



The TINFF Media Arts supports a variety of interactive art works that are created by the recording of sounds, visual images, or the use of new technologies. They go beyond the fields of film, audio, video, and computer, digital, and electronic art, because these artworks are a form of creative expressions which can be exhibited in multiple platforms including art galleries, in movie theaters, on the web, in public space and even on smartphones. We believe that with the advancement of technology, artists are prone to using new tools to reflect the world around them.

Creative Hubs

TINFF invites you to come to explore aspects of creative placemaking through hubs and clusters from its creative space where we support, promote and showcase local and international artist, comedian, and other talents through our Talent Hub Space as we take you through the beauty and creativity in fashion through the TINFF Fashion Hub Space.

TINFF Placemaking initiative capitalizes on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people's experience, happiness, and well-being.


As a festival that celebrates diversity through film, we believe that cultural development through creative hubs and clusters is a way of transforming our understanding of community spaces for art and artists. 


As a community-oriented film festival, we work with the community to define and establish the best creative and cultural hub that ranges from co-working to studio spaces, to performance, to supporting creative entrepreneurship, to collaborations among others.

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