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The Team



Executive Director/ Artistic Director

President &  Founder

Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro is the Artistic Executive Director and Founder of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF), and an award-winning movie Producer & Director with a passion for Writing. His passion for filmmaking can be traced back to his early years growing up as a little boy in Lagos, Nigeria. The loss of his mother at a young age was a turning point for him and contributed to his direction in filmmaking. Isioro believes in telling stories that have some connection to people’s lives and one that addresses real-life events. With a background from Nigeria, a country with the 3rd largest movie industry in the world (Nollywood). Isioro was a student briefly at the University of Ibadan (Math’s Department) before chasing a dream in film and subsequently graduated from the Toronto Film School (TFS) in 2007 in Film Production with a focus on Producing, Directing, and Writing. After working on a few short films of his, and worked on other people’s projects, he set out to find his path in filmmaking. Isioro is the Founder of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF).


The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) is a year-round award competition that celebrates diversity through film, and a festival that supports and promotes women in film. He is also the founder of the International Black & Diversity Film Festival-(IBDFF) scheduled for 2021. A festival with a primary focus to promote and celebrate black film while including others through diversity inclusion. He is the Founder of the Black Actors Guild Canada –(BAG-Canada) & Black Film Guild Canada which falls under the umbrella of the Black Actors & Film Guild Canada. Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro (TJ) is the Owner, CEO, and President of (True-Sail Production & Motion Pictures Inc.) and has gone on to make three feature films to his credit.  Understanding the importance of knowledge as a key to success in any industry, Isioro studied Business Management- Major in Marketing with Athabasca University. A university-based in the city of Athabasca in northern Alberta, Canada.

"TORI" - Victoria O. Jaboro 

Vice President  & Co-founder

Executive Director 

“TORI,” with full name (Victoria Kayode Jaboro) is a lady with multiple talents. Co-founder and Vice President of The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, and Co-producer of the multiple award-winning films Saving Dreams and Believe in You. As an actress, she starred in movies such as Saving Dreams, Believe in You, and Molly’s Love Story. She is the Founder and Host of an entertainment Talk Show - (TheChatBox). Living the Canadian dream, Tori has worked hard to build a name for herself and has grown as a filmmaker, a model, an entrepreneur, and a rising star actress in Canada and is making her presence known in the Canadian- Nollywood diaspora movie industry.

A former Bachelor of Science Student at the University of Lagos, and briefly a film student at Full Sail University Orlando, Florida and currently a Bachelor of Business degree Student with Athabasca University, Albertan Canada. Tori’s journey in the movie business started way back as a model and later ventured into acting and then filmmaking. Tori is the President of The International Black & Diversity Filmfestival. The International Black & Diversity Film Festival – IBDFF is an independent film festival established to give a platform to Black Filmmakers while celebrating cultural diversity through inclusion, bringing independent filmmakers from around the globe to showcase their work in Toronto, Canada every year! Showcasing Black Cinema through the type of diversity Toronto is known for.


Chinedu Azuma

Festival Director & Head Of IT 

Advisory Board 

Chinedu Azuma is a Festival Director & Advisory Board and has been with TINFF since its inaugural edition. Chinedu’s leadership role and professional experience have helped to propel TINFF’s growth over the years.  

Folu ObadinaFestival Director 

Festival Advisory Board & Coordinator:

 Planning and Sponsorship

Folu Obadina is a member of the Festival Advisory Board and a Festival Coordinator heading the Planning and Sponsorship department for TINFF. Folu has a strong background in filmmaking as an associate producer, with a strong passion for community service. This passion led her to become the founder of the famous Miss Teen Africa Canada, a Scholarship pageant organization that supports, educates, and brings scholarship opportunities for young teenage girls in the black community.  TINFF is a proud supporter of this initiative. To learn more and to support this initiative please visit the Miss Teen Africa Canada website at

OZ Imafidon Festival Director: 

IT - Technical Management & Event Programmer  

OZ is a movie director with lots of passion for his craftmanship and has brought that passion and talent to TINFF. He has Been with TINFF from day one co-heading as a Festival Coordinator in charge with the Technical Management Team, event Programming, and Workshops Coordination.

Ayoni Fatinikun Festival Director 

IT - Technical Management Team & Film Programmer 

Ayoni has been a member of TINFF from day one and is a Senior Festival Coordinator co-heading the Technical Management & Programming Team. His management leadership skills have been a real asset to TINFF.

Nosa Obaseki Festival Director

Festival Advisory Board / & Coordinator for (Nollywood)

Nosa Obaseki is a multiple award-winning actor, a producer, and a member of the TINFF advisory board. He is a festival director and coordinator. Nosa has been with TINFF since its very first year and has brought with him a lot of experience and advice to the growth of this organization.


Ifeoma Amaechi Festival Director 

Festival Award Host & Moderator 

Media  and Fashion Coordinator

A TINFF festival director with a strong background as a fashion designer, an Actress, and Host at TINFF. I started with TINFF at the inaugural edition in 2017 as a volunteer and quickly worked my way up to be a host and festival director. I hosted the last two editions of the 2018 and 2019 TINFF Festival and Awards, and I also work within the TINFF media and communications department. I am one of the hosts of the award presentation ceremony and I also conduct interviews with TINFF Awards nominees. I have always loved the arts especially film; I grew up wanting to be an actor. I have worked all over the entertainment industry in Toronto. I took modeling and acting classes at Eleanor Fulcher agency when I was a teenager. I have written, co-directed, and performed in theatre at the Harbourfront center and I have worked as a social media/ communications intern for Feva TV. I have also spent my time volunteering for many different media platforms including the Canadian Screen Awards and The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards.


 I transitioned into sports playing volleyball throughout my secondary and post-secondary years and left my acting inspirations behind. I went on to study English Literature and Political Science with a minor in African Studies at the University of Toronto where I took many film courses that gave me a foundational knowledge in film. In 2019 I founded the company IBUCHI Inc an African print activewear brand. It is important for me to align myself and my brand with platforms that represent what I am about which is African/black representation, culture, and diversity. TINFF represents everything that I stand for and believe in. I am so happy and honored to be a part of an organization that celebrates diversity through the arts.


(Jade) - Sydney Csuk

Festival  Award  Host / Moderator 

Popularly known as Fly Girl Jade, she is one of the Host at TINFF. Doing a brilliant job Co-Hosting the TINFF 2019 Awards Event and Hosting the Gala Red Carpet Dinner Event. Jade is an entrepreneur who owns a record label company managing artists from across the globe, a fashion clothing line business, and more.   

Temitope Akinterinwa - (Temi)

Festival Operations Head & Project  Manager

As a Festival Operations Manager Temi has been remarkably effective in sticking to the festival’s vision and mission. Her leadership has been a gift to the organization, and we are immensely proud to have her heading the operational team. Temi is an actress with the aspiration to become an experienced​ Assistant Director and then a movie Director someday.

Queen Amina 

(TINFF Ambassador) - Advisory Board Member /

Festival  Director & Sponsorship Coordinator

Queen Amina is a TINFF Director and member of the Festival Advisory Board. As a director, she heads the Sponsorship Coordination department. As a TINFF Ambassador, she is a face and voice for this organization and has done so very effectively. Her contribution through her love for serving the community, her passion, wisdom, and advice have been beneficial to this organization.  She is a Canadian based actress an entrepreneur and the founder/President of prestigious Vigor Awards Int'l., and the founder and host of the Queen Amina Show. She is a multi-talented performer with a well-rounded act. For more visit:

​Lavinder Kaur

Business Development & Brand Strategic Manager

As a strategic thinker for a unique, growth-oriented goal, Lavinder has continued to play a positive role in helping position TINFF and our clients’ brands for success. A Culture and Business Enthusiast with 11+ years of diverse experience working with International brands with expertise in Client Management, Project Management, Performance Management, and Business Development, which she has brought to the TINFF management team.

She is a fun-loving yet balanced individual who recently completed yoga teacher training understanding the true essence of balance, awareness, and life. Love Music, Meditation, reading, traveling, and spreading joy with smiles.


Bharat Buttan  

Website Designing & Digital Marketing 

Masters in Business Administration with over 10 years of experience as a professional in Digital Marketing & Website Designing. He as an entrepreneur has been successfully running his Digital Agency 'Zoom Into Web' for over a decade and worked with clients worldwide. He has been working with TINFF for a couple of months now and  has played a key role in website designing and optimization.


TINFF AMBASSADOR / - Advisory Board Member

& Festival Coordinator

Isoken Ibie is a TINFF Ambassador and Festival Coordinator. She is an award-winning actress and a filmmaker, her focus includes Executive Producing, Producing, a Talkshow Host and Founder, and founder of a not-for-profit organization.  She is the president and CEO of ISK PRODUCTION in Canada. As a hardworking Canadian Black woman, she is not only paving the way for others but also creating opportunities in a meaningful way. 


 Oke Oluwatimilehin Daniel

Graphics Designing 

Daniel is a graphics designer for TINFF. With years of experience, he has done a brilliant job to help grow the TINFF Brand through his creative eyes. 

Blessing Desimhi

Festival Coordinator (Filmmaker Relations)

Blessing Desimhi is a Festival Coordinator in charge of Filmmaker Relations. Her role includes building and maintaining professional relationships with filmmakers while Assisting in the preparation and planning of the annual event.


Emilian Andrew

Festival Coordinator (Hospitality & Travel)

Emilian Oversee the coordination of guests, filmmakers & actors, travel and local transportation, sightseeing, entertainments, and ensure a​ ​positive experience for both Canadian and visiting filmmakers. She is an actress, a host, and a supporter of community service.


Chuks Agoziem

Technical Management & Project Programmer Coordinator

Chucks is a multi-talent ​and works ​in the Technical Management ​department ​with a focus on Project Programming.  Some of his skills include ​Video ​Editing, Photography, Cinematography, 3D Animation, and Motion graphics amongst others.


Lamoi Simmonds  

Festival Talent Management & Backstage Coordinator 

Lamoi is an Award-winning Spoken Word Artist using language to snatch and gather the souls of many towards healing. As an Arts Educator and Performance Coach, she has used her talents to impact many in a positive way.  Representation of Black Excellence, Lamoi join TINFF in 2017 as she took to the stage to entertain and educate the audience through her powerful spoken words. The passion to serve and give back to the community propelled her to join the TINFF team to be a part of a festival that celebrates diversity through film.  She currently holds the role as Festival Talent Management & Backstage Coordinator.

Opeyemi Ogundimu

Technical Management Team /

Head Of Camera & Event Video Coverage:

Opeyemi is a well-devoted member of TINFF in as part of the Technical management team, he heads the Camera department and supervises the event coverage needs each year. He has been active in securing equipment and technical personnel needed for projection and production of festival screenings and events coverage. Opeyemi is a cinematographer and worked with Mainframe Film and TV productions, Buffer Zone, Tinsel (Africa Magic) show as a Director of photography 2013-2018 before joining the TINFF Technical Team.

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